Caleb Burke

Caleb Burke - Territory Labor Candidate for Spillett 

Caleb Burke, the Territory Labor Candidate for Spillett in Palmerston, is not just a devoted father and husband but also a longstanding role model in his community. His dedication to hard work and commitment to his family and community are the pillars of his character. 

Caleb's story in the Territory began in Yulara, Central Australia. Raised by a single mother who juggled raising Caleb and his twin brother with a career in the tourism and airline industries, he developed an early appreciation for the Territory's rich culture and spirit. Caleb attended Yulara primary school and would often spend his time in the desert discovering the unique wildlife the Territory had to offer. 

Now a homeowner in Palmerston, family is central to Caleb's life. He and his wife Jessica cherish their role as parents to their two sons and are filled with anticipation for the arrival of their new baby. This strong family foundation is the cornerstone of Caleb's values and drives his commitment to fostering a nurturing and prosperous community for all families in Palmerston. 

Caleb enlisted in the Australian Defence Force at 16 years and 9 months old. Starting his career in the 1st Armoured Regiment as a tank crewman in Darwin, he quickly rose through the ranks. His military service included a deployment to Afghanistan at 19 and progression to a tank commander and troop corporal by 21. He later served as a recruit instructor at Kapooka, completing over a decade of service. 

After his military service, Caleb ventured into various roles, including hospitality and blue-collar work at the Darwin liquid natural gas plant. His academic journey led him to complete a Diploma in Law, which he utilises in his role as an Organiser for the Australian Workers Union. In this capacity, he champions better working conditions and safety in the Territory's oil and gas industry. 

Caleb's dedication to community is evident through his active involvement in local sports. Since returning to the Northern Territory in 2017, he has been a coach and mentor for various sports teams, including Northern Territory Touch Football both at a club and school base level, Palmerston Rovers Football Club, Palmerston Magpies Football Club, Palmerston Raiders Football Club, Palmerston Sharks Football Club and is currently coaching both junior and women’s teams at the Palmerston Crocs Rugby Union Club. 

Caleb is driven by a desire to see more children and young people positively engage in their communities, especially through sports. He is a firm believer in the power of sports to nurture young talent and promote sportsmanship. Moreover, Caleb is an advocate for increased volunteerism, encouraging more parents and community members to become active role models and inspirational figures for future generations. 

Phone: 0466 372 006
Email: calebforspillett@gmail.com